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NX Design

The most powerful, flexible, and innovative product development solution in the industry, NX for Design has the features, performance, and capabilities to help you get product to market faster than ever before.

NX for Design enables you to deliver products “right to market, first time" using more virtual product models and fewer, more costly, physical prototypes. This leads to market gains, lower development costs, and improved product quality.
NX Design
Engineering Specialists

Exceed your design requirements

NX allows you to unite feature-based parametric and history-free modelling in the same design environment. It also enables you to modify designs created in other CAD systems.

  • Create swept and revolved bodies, and perform Boolean operations and associative editing.
  • Use any combination of surface, solid and synchronous modelling.
  • Interactively capture and store families of features for easy retrieval and editing.
  • Create and edit geometry with simple, direct tools for editing and creation.
  • Work directly with design models, without having to understand the design methodology.
  • Reduce trial and error and improve productivity with real-time feedback.
Exceed your design requirements

Develop assemblies from the top down or bottom up

With a ‘design in context’ approach, you can work on any component in the context of the assembly. You’ll be able to efficiently manage and manipulate complex product relationships, including configurations, options, and variants.

  • Interactively design massive assemblies of virtually unlimited size or complexity, with unparalleled capacity and performance
  • Create and validate full-context, multi-CAD digital mock-ups
  • Easily navigate large assemblies and establish an appropriate context for detailed work on sub-assemblies and components
  • Identify and resolve assembly design and process problems in the early stages of development – without physical prototyping

An advanced set of automated drafting tools

NX streamlines and accelerates production and management of engineering and technical drawings. Seamless integration with other NX capabilities enables you to easily create and maintain standards-compliant engineering drawings.

  • Quickly create standards-compliant drawings with powerful view creation and projection options
  • Create fully associative symbols including centrelines, intersections, bolt circles, assembly drawing balloons and leaders, notes, labels, dimensions, ID symbols and GD&T symbols through the reference of design expressions and attributes
  • Easily create and customize drawing templates for drag-and-drop drawings creation
  • Leverage legacy 2D drawings and symbols, and workflows
  • Readily migrate from 2D drawings to 3D models.
An advanced set of automated drafting tools

Everything you need from mechanical to Class A surfacing

With NX Surfacing you can create complex surfaces with tangent and curvature continuities. Manipulate surfaces using editing tools, and analyse surfaces for quality and desired characteristics.

  • A full suite of curve creation tools to allow surface development
  • Multiple sweep commands to cope with the most challenging design challenges
  • Straightforward surface and mesh surface features which are easily controlled to achieve surface continuity
  • Mechanical and Aesthetic blending tools to provide tangential and curvature control between surfaces
  • Analysis tools to quickly and easily visually determine curve and surface continuity

Enhance sheet metal components

Define forming tables and bend sequences, create flat patterns or rebend component models with accurate material deformation properties. With sheet metal design tools, you can reduce modelling time for complex airframe components from days to hours.

  • Design faster with a focused sheet metal workflow and built-in design intent
  • Easily reuse design variables with customer-defined default values
  • Quick ‘model-bend’ relief and ripping with built-in intelligence
  • Drive sheet metal designs via material and tool selection
  • Readily conform to company or industry standards.
Enhance sheet metal components

Explore Mechatronics Concept Designer

Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), the software module behind Virtual Commissioning, brings teams together by facilitating the integration of engineering departments, including requirements management, concept design, mechanical design, electrical design and software/automation engineering.

The advanced engineering tool is open and can be used with all major CAD platforms. With this feature, you can:

  • Get to market faster by reducing Machine development time up to 30%
  • Rapidly evaluate machine concepts in a virtual environment
  • Enhance collaboration among mechanical, electrical and automation designers
  • Build fewer physical prototypes

Register here to watch our 30 minute On-Demand webinar available to all where we cover the entire MCD tool.

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Explore Mechatronics Concept Designer

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