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Euroform Case Study

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Euroform - case study - nx design


Introduction to document:

Automotive supplier uses NX in all phases of the product lifecycle to increase market share by 11 percent.

Siemens PLM Software solution enables Euroform to reduce design time by 50 percent and boost production capacity.

Euroform is a familiar brand to numerous suppliers in the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1993 in Hungary, and since then it has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of tools for plastic injection molded parts, serving markets in Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland and South Korea. Euroform designs and manufactures an average of 150 to 170 different molding tools annually.

With a strong presence in a number of sectors, including home applicances, Euroform thrives in the automotive industry, designing and manufacturing tools for the production of acoustic housings, air intake systems, pedals, glass enclosures, housing elements, chassis shock absorbers and bellows. Its products are molded parts that weigh anywhere from 5 grams to 5 kilograms.

Euroform prides itself on not compromising when it comes to creativity, quality, deadlines and costs, which is why it can often be found one step ahead of the market. “The design phase is of decisive importance in the production of plastic molding tools, and that’s the reason that Euroform chose NX,” says István Harcsa, the Euroform tools plant manager.


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