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ADN Design Case Study

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ADN Design - case study - nx design

ADN Design

Introduction to document:

Combining creativity with cost-effective production.

NX helps improve the quality of presentations while reducing the time spent on each phase of the design process.

ADN Design was founded in 1990. The company’s focus is strategic new product design. Other activities include the design of stands and exhibits, as well as theoretical work with universities, technological institutions and business centers aimed at innovation and strategic design.

Innovation – in terms of consumer requirements and expectations, the identification of consumer trends and the integration of production processes – is what makes ADN Design a leading product design consultancy. The company aims to find the perfect balance between marketing and production, so that a design is both a creative and a cost-efficient response to the client’s objectives. This approach involves listening to and understanding the client in order to synthesize aspirations into the creation of successful products.

ADN Design’s clients include ABB Niessen, Ciatesa, the BSH Group (Bosch, Siemens, Ufesa), the Uralita Group, Maier and the Cegasa Group (Solac), among others. In 2002 ADN Design started a dynamic globalization
process, establishing strong cooperation with various Asian companies with the hope of designing their products.

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