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Siemens NX - 30 Day Free Trial

Get started straight away. Click the button below, fill in your details, submit and then click the 'Start Trial' button that appears right after.

For full steps, scroll down and follow the 6 steps available. You'll be up and running within minutes, enjoy!
Siemens NX - 30 Day Free Trial
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Activate NX Free Trial

NX covers the entire digital product development process with a suite of CAD, CAM and CAE software. Supporting every aspect of product development, NX delivers tightly integrated, unified solutions for design; simulation and manufacturing that are unmatched in power and flexibility.

With new and improved capabilities, the latest release of NX improves speed and efficiency throughout product development. See how NX CAD, CAM and CAE can help you accelerate your design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

How to Activate trial:

  1. Click the ‘ACTIVATE TRIAL NOW’ button on this web page, fill out your details and submit them
  2. A button will appear after submission. Click the button to open the trial portal
  3. A Siemens page will open, click ‘Get started now’ button
  4. Click the second tab, ‘Sign up’ , in the Siemens pop up. If you do not have a password already for this specific trial, you need to create one by signing up. Please do not enter a past password of yours, this will not work until you have signed up to this trial portal.
  5. Enter your email address and add a password for your trial access. Also add your first and last name into the fields below.
  6. Click ‘Sign up’
  7. From here, follow the instructions to activate the trial. You’ll have 30 days free trial access to NX that is password protected (remember your credentials you have created in step 3!)

We’ll be in touch after you activate your trial. If you have any technical questions during your trial, please let your primary contact from TEAM know. We can assist you so you can get the most out of the experience.

Activate NX Free Trial

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