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Teamcenter integration for NX Fact Sheet

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Teamcenter integration for NX

Teamcenter integration for NX

Introduction to document:

Best-in-class engineering design and collaboration solution for any size team using NX.

• Less time spent by design teams finding the right NX data
• Reduced development cycle times for distributed global design teams
• Faster product change and approval processes that facilitate shorter time-to- market
• Higher levels of understanding and communication among product teams throughout the supply chain
• A single source of product information in support of your complete design- through-manufacturing process

Teamcenter® integration for NX™ software allows you to reduce your product development cycle times by enhancing your NX environment to both manage and accelerate design collaboration for any size engineering
team. Teamcenter integration for NX provides seamless management, control and security for your NX data.
Leveraging Active Workspace, the integration provides intuitive access to a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) functionality that enables users to rapidly search for designs, manages data revisions, product configurations and changes in a single or multi-site deployment.

Meeting business challenges
Your company is continually challenged to reduce development costs, improve productivity and increase quality. In
addition, your designers require 100 percent confidence in their ability to find the latest information, work on
correct versions and synchronize data between different company sites. At the same time, you must adapt to changing global markets, often moving from centralized product development to distributed design with global partners.

Teamcenter integration for NX provides live global access to product information, accelerates your processes for
product change and successfully manages your most precious asset – product knowledge.

Multi-site engineering collaboration
The capabilities of Teamcenter integration for NX go beyond workgroup CAD data management, enabling design teams of any size, in different locations and throughout your supply chain, to work closely together to streamline
product development processes through multi-site collaboration. All design information created using NX is captured, controlled and shared by your global development teams in a single, highly secure Teamcenter environment, while version management and access control ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.

Transparent user interface
Teamcenter integration for NX provides uninterrupted productivity and superior usability for design teams. Users are able to access live Teamcenter information including check-in/check-out, maturity status, revision, where-used, what’s changed, documents and data sheets, project assignments and more.

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