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Ben Ainslie Racing Case Study

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Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR)

Introduction to document:

BAR design team uses NX and Teamcenter to develop an innovative racing boat to bring the America’s Cup back to Britain.

Siemens PLM Software solutions enable Ben Ainslie Racing to quickly analyse multiple geometric options and reliably find the balance between speed and stability.

There is no second place Wind and water confront sailing prowess and design skill to make the America’s Cup the ultimate in thrilling and unpredictable sporting events. In the 35th event, Oracle Team USA will defend the title against one challenger on a circuit off Bermuda where the team will race in AC62 catamarans.

Presently five teams have set their sights on being that challenger and one of these is Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR), a collection of experienced sailors, designers and technicians who aim to bring home the America’s Cup trophy to the United Kingdom (UK) for the first time since 1851, when the trophy left the Isle of Wight.

They are led by Olympic medalist, Sir Ben Ainslie, who was on the US team that won the 34th America’s Cup. He describes the complexity of the task: “It’s a sporting challenge, it’s a technical challenge and it’s about bringing a large group of people together designing, building and then racing the fastest boat possible.” Free download Ben Ainslie Racing Case Study – Team Engineering UK.


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