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Leveraging Industry 4.0 Live Event – 13th September 2018: At Hamilton Park Racecourse, Scotland

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Our Executive event at Hamilton Park Racecourse, Scotland, with our partner Siemens PLM Software has been a great success. We had over 8 presentations covering a broad range of topics with digital manufacturing at the centre of it.

The event was created around virtual commissioning. As we are headquartered in Scotland (also covering the south with a Technical centre in Cambridgeshire), we decided to position it within the local territory first and showcase all that is ‘innovative‘ . Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution, is becoming a topic growing in significance overtime so having the opportunity to delve into this area with live examples and show all how to leverage this change using world leading method was our motive.

Industry challenges such as globalisation, lack of up-time, lengthily commissioning processes and quality of commissioning are all areas the days presenters addressed by exploring the ability to adopt dynamic and agile approaches to projects. These digital methods reduce commissioning time by up to 80%, increase the speed of product to market and guarantee an increase in commissioning quality.

The Siemens virtual commissioning portfolio is the only integrated and seamless portfolio that bridges the real and virtual world that companies can leverage to address these challenges. If you would like more information about digital manufacturing/virtual commissioning solutions/Industry 4.0 and what’s in store, contact us at: sales@team-eng.com / 01480 400057.


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