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NX 12.0.2 – Maintenance Release Announcement

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We are pleased to inform you that NX 12.0.2 is now available on the Siemens PLM download server.

NX 12.0.2 is an accumulation of fixes and small enhancements built for installation on top of Windows 64-Bit, Linux 64-Bit and Mac OS 64-bit images of NX 12.0.0.  Note that while Maintenance Release NX 12.0.2 will replace the previous base installation of NX 12.0.0 (or NX 12.0.1), it is also itself a complete base installation and therefore does not require NX 12.0.0 (or NX 12.0.1) to be previously installed.

Please note that this Maintenance Release will only be shipped (on DVD) by request.

To find the release package(s) for your platform(s) click on the following link or enter the URL in your browser address window (Note: A valid WebKey account is required):

From the download page, enter “nx-12.0.2″ (including the quotes) in the Search box to see a list of links to the release letter and available release packages.

Alternatively, the release packages can be found using the file navigator by selecting ‘NX’ from the products menu on the left and then navigating through the directory structure by selecting: Product updates -> Maintenance-release -> Nx12 -> [platform].

NX 12.0.2 also includes updates for the Release NotesWhat’s New and NX Help documentation.  This update is separate from the Maintenance Release package and can be downloaded from the same platform folders, or you can access the documentation from the Siemens PLM Doc Center website.

Please note that the download zip file has been split into 3 smaller files using WinZip, instead of one large file.  Because of this change you will need WinZip, or 7-Zip (the newest versions are recommended), to extract the downloaded files.  Please refer to the README file for more information and for Maintenance Release installation instructions.

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