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BuildIT 2018 Now Available – Download Free here

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Download BuildIT 2018 today to try out our great new features, including the ability to both plan projections and operate a laser projector from within the BuildIT platform, along with several new and improved large point cloud commands, including cloud to cloud analysis, cloud registration, and corner extraction.

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What’s New in BuildIT Metrology 2018
Check out our latest improvements and new features. 
Click here to see the full list.
Laser Projector Interface
Interface directly with a laser projector to measure, plan projections and operate the projector all in a single streamlined workflow
Cloud to Cloud Analysis
Directly compare any point cloud to another reference point cloud for analysis
Cloud Registration
Simply select all clouds to register and let BuildIT find the best alignment for you with the improved cloud to cloud registration command
Extract Corner Command
Easily create points at intersections in point clouds with the new Extract Corner command

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