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Siemens NX 11 is Out Now

Explore the all new NX 11 platform

Siemens NX 11 is Out Now. Despite a 30 year heritage, Siemens NX is still finding room for innovation. With the release of NX 11, Siemens PLM is still finding areas for innovation to enhance an already breathtakingly mature system.

Backbone updates

NX has been through a rework of its user experience in recent years. The result is a UI that is clean, fresh and clearly laid out.

The existing built in photo realistic rendering engine (or renderer, if you prefer) is being replaced with LightWorks’ Iray.  All of the progressive, physically based rendering tools are now built into the system and work excellently. This means for example that you can build materials that are realistic rather than a fudged approximation of what they should look like.

There is also the, now standard, set of HDR image-based environments for quicker and easier lighting set-ups. Again, this means that you’ve got a wide pool of both stock HDR images as well as tools like HDRLightStudio to help nail lighting in your renders.

Points and meshes

One of the core focuses for this release is the introduction of much greater support for working with point cloud and mesh-based data.

NX has had tools for dealing with meshes and converting them to surfaces, the traditional Reverse Engineering approach, for some time.What the team at Parasolid (also owned by Siemens) have been working on is a solution to use the mesh models directly.

Whether that’s from scan or data capture processes or imported from other systems. This release changes all that but as we’ll discover, it’s only the starting point. With PointTools technology (Bentley based) is now licensed it means point cloud data from large scale scans of buildings and factories can be imported and displayed efficiently inside NX. Together with Siemens’ recent move to bring some elements of factory and production line design into NX (with Mechatronics Designers last year), this makes for a huge system. With the datasets from such scans being in the order of Gb if not Tb of data, the system will load .pod files from PointTools, display them (with texture if captured), and use them to build around — even allowing you to snap to the ‘geometry’ when needed.

Convergent modelling

For NX 11, Siemens is introducing the ability to mix solid and surface modelling methodology with mesh or polygon based data. These capabilities are being implemented inside of the Parasolid kernel.

The idea, called Convergent modelling, means you can bring polygon data into your NX models and use that as you would more traditional parasolid features.

Siemens NX 11 is Out Now. For the complete review, please visit the source.

We will be hosting an NX 11 event later this year (date TBC). For more information, contact us directly at: or call us on 08456 442882.



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