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Moving to PLM: The Right Way Webinar

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Moving to PLM: The Right Way Webinar – TEAM Engineering Ltd

Considering moving to PLM? How big is the Elephant in the room (your current data)?

This is a 30 Minute webinar which highlights options you can take when upgrading to PLM, regardless of which CAD or ECAD package you use. When implementing a PLM system its typical for you to run into common issues, whether it involves installation, migration of Data or Configuration. This webinar is designed to delve into these areas of moving to PLM and show you best practices used to streamline the transition.

The Installation and configuration engineers at TEAM Engineering have extensive experience in cleansing and migrating your data, for both small and large companies (from 4 CAD seats to upwards of 200+). This exclusive webinar gives you the chance to watch and listen directly to our PLM experts and take away leading technical knowledge that is sure to aid you with your best practices, business planning and operational procedures.

Generally the longer you defer the decision to move the larger the workload encountered. The Elephant in the room, your legacy data, is growing and will require an increased amount of maintenance.

How can TEAM help YOU?

To give you an indication of what challenges lay ahead for your business, we can produce a custom report for you using our automatic auditing tool. This will uncover your businesses:
1) Duplicate data
2) Corrupted data
3) Migratable data

From here, we can help you form a pathway to aid you with your future PLM plans.

Services will form the lion’s share of your moving to PLM costs. Our report will provide an indication of costs and what you can do to reduce this data load before you make the step.

Register for the free webinar today.

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