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TEAM sign Training Contract with Group Training Association (GTA)

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TEAM sign Apprenticeship Training Program with Group Training Association (GTA)

TEAM sign Training Contract with Group Training Association (GTA). Engineers are highly employable: 66.3% of engineering graduates in the UK are employed within 6 months. We at TEAM are focused on innovation, development and advancement of processes and people.

Not only do we support Full-Time engineers but we also support apprentices. We have signed a contract with the Group Training Association (GTA) to help support 11 Academic training providers with NX software across the UK serving over 500+ Apprentices and we aim to continue supporting the Engineers of tomorrow in any way possible.

Our hope is that by getting involved in this way, we can help increase the number of ‘engineers in learning’ who have all the advanced learning tools they need to develop.

TEAM Engineering


TEAM Engineering and Group Training Association GTA Sign apprenticeship contract

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