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Siemens PLM Webinar: Make Product Complexity Advantageous, 27/11/15

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How often do you discover problems so late in your NPDI process that it is too late to resolve them without causing significant delays and/or cost overruns? The impact being you miss deadlines, lose confidence/credibility with your customers and partners and place increased risk on your business.

According to MIT-Sloan research, more than 50% of new product launches fail due to factors like cost overruns, schedule slips, and compliance issues.

Our guest speaker, Frank Possel-Doelken, the Director of Manufacturing Systems from Phoenix Contact- a Siemens customer, will present and share how Siemens solutions are used to enhance their NPDI process.

If you are interested in hearing more about this critical area, this webinar will explain how you can keep you and your management informed thus ensuring on time deliverables maintaining high quality and low cost.

At the end of this webinar you will have learnt how to:

• Increase new product launch predictability by leveraging digital processes

• Expose full lifecycle traceability within a complex environment

• Acquire more control and gain improved visibility of your company’s KPI’s

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