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TEAM Engineering selected as Elysium UK business partner

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Seamless Digital Data Exchange


The model doesnt import as a solid, the model cannot be section cut, the target CAD system can’t open the data, CAE meshing takes forever, the NC CAM path can’t jump gaps…. these are the typical problems that engineers face when they translate 3D information between systems.

When users struggle with data that does not work the way they expect it to, they have to spend precious development time on data repair and remastering. The seamless exchange of 3DCAD/CAM/CAE information along the entire supply chain may sometimes seem like some far-off utopia – except for TEAM Engineering customers.

As a new UK partner to Elysium, the expert in 3D information handling, TEAM Engineering is now providing reliable technical solutions to connect all the 3D systems involved in the manufacturing process.

Elysium has long-term relationships with all the major CAD vendors and this means that engineers who use its software products can faithfully translate and exchange native CAD files between multiple systems, including those from Siemens, Dassault Systemes, PTC, and Autodesk. Elysium software works efficiently with CAD, FEM, CAM, Reverse-Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, and CG modeling.

The Elysium portfolio of solutions features CADdoctor, a unique desktop application software for precise 3D data translation, strict PDQ (Product Data Quality) validation and guided geometry repair. CADdoctor for NX is a Siemens NX plug-in that allows users to validate and repair 3D CAD data within NX.

Elysium’s enterprise solution, ASFALIS, connects design, manufacturing, purchasing and sales departments by providing CAD data translation and distribution throughout the entire product lifecycle.

CADfeature provides the transfer of complete design intent, with the scalability to address the needs of individual designers and global enterprises. It supports features and 3D-2D drawing associativity and is widely used for enterprise CAD migration projects by Elysium customers such as Daimler.

“We all know that high quality shared data and streamlined workflows make the development process more efficient,” says Neil Johnson of TEAM Engineering. “With Elysium products our customers will not lose time and money on manual repairing and remastering. Serving a large customer base across the globe, Elysium is world leader in this area. It provides great technical support and achieves high levels of customer satisfaction.”

“We have selected TEAM Engineering as a partner because of their excellent technical expertise and its strong relationship with major customers in the UK,” comments Kentaro Fukuta, Global Business Manager for Elysium. “An extensive background in CAE and Manufacturing is a prerequisite for the successful support of Elysium products and the company’s engineers certainly have that. In addition, they really understand how 3D data is consumed downstream of Design where it typically originates. They know exactly what information a meshing specialist requires and the type of surface quality that an NC expert looks for. This ability to understand how to achieve error-free processing at user level is extremely valuable.”

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