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Simulation Solutions and TEAM Engineering in new partnership

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‘Get it right first time’ has moved far beyond the design process. The most successful companies are getting it right first time across the whole enterprise and a new partnership between TEAM Engineering and Simulation Solutions is opening up the way.

The longest established reseller for Siemens PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in the UK, TEAM Engineering is now working with Simulation Solutions, empowering customers to expand their use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) into the design and optimisation of production facilities.

Adding even more value to their investment in PLM, companies will be able to take simulation into new territory, extending their use of the virtual world to incorporate variables such as plant operations, assembly processes, robotics and ergonomics. However, the combined knowledge and skill of TEAM Engineering and Simulation Solutions applies far beyond existing PLM customers to a wide range of businesses, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

“We see a clear opportunity for our customers to use simulation within such areas as implementing automation, planning and designing new facilities, maximising operational efficiency, introducing new products and bidding for new business. The potential benefits of Tecnomatix apply all the way from specific lines and local plants right through to global production facilities and supply chains,” said Steven Kane of TEAM Engineering. “Through this partnership we can deliver a wider range of expertise, showing existing customers how to build on their existing use of PLM and guiding new customers to improve business processes even further,

With extensive knowledge and expertise in the collaborative development and optimisation of manufacturing and warehousing operations, Simulation Solutions provides and supports the suite of Tecnomatix products from Siemens PLM. These enable its customers to create intelligent models of manufacturing systems and processes.

Tecnomatix allows the simulation of detailed activities such as robot welding and manual assembly as well as the planning and design of entire facilities and supply chains, thereby providing a true end-to-end suite of manufacturing design and planning software. With a clear picture of automation possibilities, companies can maximise operational efficiency, cut costs, reduce timescales and improve customer service.

Users can run experiments and what-if scenarios to explore and evaluate different manufacturing scenarios during the planning stage, long before making the substantial, unrecoverable investment required to install a real system. In addition they can analyse and optimise an existing facility without actually disturbing it and incurring the expense of lost production

Robbie Birrell of Simulation Solutions said “Our customers find that by using Tecnomatix they have a scalable solution that can be employed to help plan and evaluate manufacturing strategy down to virtual commissioning of individual robotic workcells.  We are looking forward to working with TEAM Engineering customers and introducing them to new technology so that they can make reliable decisions in the early stages of production planning and execute them faster and more reliably.”

TEAM Engineering, which has been established for 17 years, specialises in NX and Teamcenter. Simulation Solutions has been established for 15 years and focuses on Tecnomatix solutions. Both companies are partners of Siemens PLM and support customers across the UK.

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