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Founded in 1961 and now part of GP Acoustics Group, KEF Audio has a global reputation for introducing revolutionary driver concepts and radical new materials to achieve the clearest, purest speaker sound. Using both numeric and analytic mathematics, the KEF Audio team work at the very edge of what is possible with sound waves by developing the necessary software tools in order to create and refine an NX model (such as a speaker shape) – a process that is crucial for innovation.

Finite element analysis (FEA) enables the KEF Audio team to experiment with sound easily and quickly. But whilst FEA is the key to exploring sound waves, it is the NX model that is critical to 3D FEA. Mark Dodd, Head of Group Research at KEF Audio explains, ‘the NX associated modeling and meshing capability represents an extremely powerful tool. It allows us to optimise through models for fast results at a low cost.

The consistency within NX is another benefit as it makes the programme very accessible. ‘Unlike our mechanical designers, I don’t use NX all the time, yet I can drop in and use it whenever I need to as it is so intuitive,’ Dodd says.

Ultimately, with the introduction of NX we are reducing business risk. In the past, our type of research was a black art, but the virtual prototyping we are doing now takes away that  problem. We can be methodical and ruthlessly logical as the more we know, the more we can do! Our supplier, TEAM Engineering, gives us great support, meticulously getting to the source of any challenges.

TEAM Engineering and Siemens NX software continue to help KEF Audio maintain its lead at the forefront of sound technology for home cinema and high-fidelity speakers.

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