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Volatile petrol prices complicate long term planning and whatever the cost, environmental
regulations have to be met. Remaining competitive is a constant pressure and Clean Power
Technologies Limited has come up with a neat solution; optimise fuel consumption whilst
minimising pollution. To ensure that it travels smoothly from innovative idea to customer
delivery, Clean Power uses NX and Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software, supplied by
TEAM Engineering.

The first product launch was planned for May 2010, with full production by January 2011. During this time, the company had to make the transition from small research organisation to internal manufacturing company. Keeping careful control of drawings and analysis was part of the process, which is one of the reasons they chose NX. Director Mike Burns explains, ‘we chose NX because of its strong analysis module and the way it joins up design and production through its machining and drafting package.’

Using NX and Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software Solutions (supplied by TEAM
Engineering) ensured a smooth transition from innovative ideas to customer delivery. ‘We had
to control revisions effectively,’ added Burns. ‘Teamcenter was clearly the answer because it
manages both data and processes. TEAM’s consulting engineers worked closely with Clean
Power in order to organise engineering data and train users.

‘They really supported us – every time we needed them they were very responsive.’

Since the switch to Teamcenter, issues such as problems with revision control of components
and adequate storage of data have been eliminated. Each component now has a unique
identifier, to which all data is linked – which means it is much quicker and easier to locate data referring to that part. Burns also estimates that everyone is experiencing ‘10% less waiting time’ due to the option that allows the user to load a model in light version for a quick look and the back up process is now automatic.

The introduction of NX and Teamcenter has also made administration easier. Clean Power’s IT Specialist Steve Wilson remarks that it has ‘freed up 10%’ of his time. In addition, he has saved time on the back up process, which is now automatic.

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